About Flower Broker 24

About Flower Broker 24 - Flowerbroker 24


Flower broker 24 a trademark of DBV Deutsche Blumenvermittlung GmbH

The DBV German flowers mediation GmbH has designed the trading platform Flower broker 24 for the green industry .

The trading platform has started your business in January , 2015. At the IPM 2015 in Essen the marketing concept was introduced to the market participants for the first time .

Flower broker 24 provides all market participants by , for goods of all kinds in the green sector , the option to link the provision of the online-based trading platform , with producers , distributors and business customers .

Florists and buyers benefit from a comprehensive well-structured range from the entire green sector .

The Delivery option of regional products directly from producers from all over Germany and beyond , are florists and buyers the opportunity to stand out by special about the market and convenient to place your orders from the PC directly from the supplier.

The direct deliveries from the production units , via parcel service or by forwarding agent , ensure short transport routes and a higher quality and freshness advantage for the customer . In addition, transparent prices of different producers and suppliers.

Flower Broker 24 summarizes the deliveries of the producers for the customer in a invoice. This means a strong reduction of the time required when purchasing goods and also in the accounting workflows for the customer.

The communication between customers and suppliers led by the Flower Broker 24 team as the central contact .

The benefits of DBV Deutsche Blumenvermittlung GmbH.


Deployment , maintenance and structuring of the trading platform " Flower Broker 24 acquisition of customers and suppliers

order processing


Processing of inquiries

tracking options

Processing of complaints ( mediation ) 


Developing packaging for the shipment of goods via DHL / DPD / GLS

Framework negotiations , ordering and billing of logistics companies

Dispatch of bills of lading to the suppliers for shipping packages

active telephone support of florists and wholesalers

Available and coordinate possible cooperation between individual producers

Assistance with advertising on the trading platform Broker Flower 24

The economic development of the participants in the online trading is assessed as above average .


Because they consistently use all currently available media , technical and logistical options .Connected to the longstanding expertise of the peculiarities in the green industry, the Germans producers and providers have the unique opportunity to the developed for the Green Industry B2B platform to offer their wares to all market participants throughout the country in real time without having to develop its own cost and care intensive trading platform bring- up and delivery service itself and operate to have to. 

This creates the crucial and unique competitive advantage for the provider . 

The online -based trading platform is designed so that all newly added needs and requirements are integrated . 

Flower broker 24 is the service-oriented service and competent contact for all business partners .

The business of the DBV are coordinated and controlled centrally for the territory of the Federal Republic of Kelsterbach near Frankfurt / Main . 

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